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The CAC’s contribution to the 2019 Alternative Federal Budget

The Canadian Arts Coalition is once again pleased to contribute the Arts and Culture chapter to the 24th edition of the Alternative Federal Budget (AFB) 2019. Given the new shorter format, we decided to examine a critical cultural policy issue, as we aspire to discover ideal paths forward so we may build a better future together. The AFB is an annual “what-if” exercise led by The Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives (CCPA). We encourage you to take a look at the policies and recommendations in the AFB.

The Coalition is grateful to the diverse viewpoints behind this year’s chapter, written by Hamal Docter, with contributions by Kate Cornell, Frédéric Julien, Amy Mushinski, Christine Pellerin, Arden Ryshpan, Valerie Sing Turner, charles smith, and Robin Sokoloski.

“The AFB proves there are alternatives, and we can afford them. There is no time to lose in turning those alternatives into workable public policy,” adds CCPA Executive Director Peter Bleyer, who will appear before the federal Finance Committee Sept. 20 for pre-budget consultations.

“The choices we make today—to tackle inequality, implement universal pharmacare, and act on catastrophic climate change—will determine the sustainability of our society and economy for years to come.”


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The Arts and Culture chapter is on pages 32 to 33.


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