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7 Tips to be an #ArtsDay Advocate on Social Media

Bummed you can’t make it to Ottawa for #ArtsDay?
Just can’t make the budget stretch to fly across the country?
Or maybe you’re attending, and just love social media!
This year, we’re bringing #ArtsDay to you!


Join us on Twitter at 12pm EST on October 25th, where we’ll be sharing the #ArtsDay messages and bringing arts advocacy into communities across Canada. This is a great way to help spread the messages being shared on Parliament Hill and an opportunity to connect with other arts advocates across the country. Simply log onto Twitter at noon on the 25th and watch the #artsconvo hashtag to join in.

Here are some other ways you can participate in #ArtsDay via social media:

1 – Help Amplify the CAC messages

#ArtsDay participants will be bringing three key messages to their meetings with MPs (we’ll share them on the CAC blog soon!). We’ll be sharing the messages on Facebook and Twitter and encourage you to share them with your own networks as well. We also encourage you to find your MP’s twitter name and tag them in a tweet so they know what #ArtsDay is all about. Let’s share the value of the arts far and wide!

2 – Decorate your profile for #ArtsDay

To help you get extra festive for #ArtsDay we’ve made cover images you can use on Facebook and Twitter. Like everything we do, they’re available in both official languages and offer statements on the value we all know art and artists have in our society. You can download by clicking the image and saving it to your computer.

Facebook Cover Photos (click to enlarge)













Twitter Cover Photos (click to enlarge)







 3 – Be political but not partisan

The Canadian Arts Coalition is proud to be a group of non-partisan arts advocates – because supporting the arts is an issue that we all can get behind. Advancing the arts is an issue that all political parties can and do support: from boosting the economy, to furthering education, to decreasing stress and health problems, to creating a sense of national pride. We encourage you to advocate in a way that will help get all-party support for arts and culture.

Important note: Keep in mind that if you are an arts organization who is a registered charity, your social media activity must be non-partisan in nature.

4 – Share, mention, and retweet

If you see something you like, help to amplify its message by sharing or retweeting! Remember that you can also use the ‘quote tweet’ feature, which will allow you to add your own thoughts in addition to sharing what others have said.

5 – Don’t forget the humble hashtag!

We’ll be using the #artsconvo hashtag for our Tweet Chat on October 25 at 12-1pm and encourage you to do the same. Look for #artsconvo to find what’s being said and use it in your tweets so we can find you.

We’ll also be using the #artsday and #canpoli to share what’s happening in Ottawa and encourage you to use these hashtags when tweeting about #ArtsDay in general from your own accounts.

6 – Be personal and organizational

If you can, post both from your organization’s handle and your own personal handle. This way your organization will be visible and you’ll also be able to make meaningful personal connections with MPs and other arts advocates.

7 – Use images to your advantage

Images go a long way on social media! If you’ve got good images or videos that speak to what we’ll be chatting about, use them! Pictures and videos are more readily shared and noticed on social media feeds, which will help spread the #ArtsDay message.

Well, what are you waiting for? Brush up on your social media arts advocacy skills and we’ll see you on Twitter!

Arts Day on the Hill Tweet Chat
Tuesday, October 25th
12-1pm EST


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