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I believe that the future of our citizens, their towns and cities, and indeed, the nation itself depends on a rich, vibrant and diverse arts and heritage community. The viability of cities greatly depends on their cultural opportunities. Our artists are inventive and generous. But the arts can flourish only when they have adequate, stable, sustained investment.

I ask that you support the following requests:

[Insert the recommendations from the Coalition’s most recent pre-budget brief]

[Include a thank you note for funding you may have received in the past or for recent investments. For example: “In Budget 2012, the Government of Canada recognized the role that the arts play in a productive economy by sustaining investment in the arts through the Canada Council for the Arts, and key programs at the Department of Canadian Heritage. We are grateful for this investment.”]

The arts define us. They give depth and meaning to our lives. Their intrinsic values celebrate our humanity, broaden our horizons, demonstrate our openness.

Stable, adequate federal funding ensures continuity at a time when the arts community, like other drivers of Canada’s economy, continues to face challenges rooted in global economic uncertainty. Increased investment in arts and culture over the long term will lead to greater productivity within the sector, broader access to arts and culture for Canadians, and extended reach into international markets for Canadian cultural products.

It is our contention that our sector can make an even greater contribution to economic recovery and growth with sustained—and, over time—increased strategic investment in Canadian arts and culture.

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