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Alternative Federal Budget Would Strengthen Economy… and Invest in the Arts

The 2015 Alternative Federal Budget [1] (AFB) was released today by the Canadian Centre for Policy [2]
Alternatives [2], and the Canadian Arts Coalition contributed a chapter on Arts and Culture.

The AFB, now in its 20th year, brings together leading Canadian economists and sectoral experts to produce a progressive economic plan with the means to pay for it. The Alternative Federal Budget would lift 893,000 Canadians out of poverty, reduce income inequality, boost economic growth, and create or sustain 300,000 jobs a year, bringing Canada’s employment rate back to its pre-recession level.

Since 2013, the Canadian Arts Coalition is reponsible to draft a chapter about arts and culture for the AFB. Traditionally this chapter had been prepared by the Canadian Conference of the Arts. This year’s chapter was prepared by Lesley Bramhill, Tara Mazurk, charles c smith and Melissa Gruber for the Canadian Arts Coalition. It moves forward the same recommendations as the Coalition’s last pre-budget brief [3].

Read the Alternative Federal Budget [1]

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