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An Inside Look at #ArtsDay

Arts Day on the Hill can be a hectic, exhausting, whirlwind day. Between training and messaging meetings, collaborating with arts advocates from across the country, and navigating the “hurry up and wait” that often surrounds meetings on the Hill, Arts Day can be a very full day.

But, it can also be incredibly invigorating and inspiring. Taking advantage of the opportunity to meet with government representatives and to share with them the effect your work has on your community while also hearing the incredible work happening across disciplines and geographies… it’s enough to lift the spirits of even the weariest of arts worker.

But still, it can be difficult to really get a sense of what Arts Day is like, which is why we’ve asked dancer/choreographer, advocate, and policy thinker Shannon Litzenberger to share her experience attending Arts Day on Parliament Hill back in 2012. In the post below she shares what the Coalition’s messages were that year, how the day unfolded, and a heap of photos of participants and parliamentarians who also took part that year.

Read more about Shannon’s #ArtsDay experience on her website [1]


Interested in coming to Ottawa? There’s still time to register! [2]

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