Arts 308 brings the Coalition’s messages into the ridings

Lesley Bramhill with Craig Scott, NDP MP for Toronto—Danforth.

Lesley Bramhill met Craig Scott in Toronto—Danforth.

With the federal budget coming up next week, it’s time turn a page on Arts 308, the longest advocacy campaign the Canadian Arts Coalition had ever conducted – and quite a successful one.

Between the launch of the Arts 308 toolkit on October 24th and the return of parliamentarians to the House of Commons, on January 27th, 122 Members or Parliament have heard the Coalition’s messages either via a tweet, a letter or in a meeting in their riding. Representatives from all major parties were contacted, including a large number from the Conservative Caucus. Moreover, many of these Members of Parliament were contacted for the first time as part of a Coalition campaign: indeed, 91 had not participated in Arts Day on Parliament Hill in 2012 and, of these, eight were met by arts advocates in their ridings.

The campaign generated a lot of activity on Twitter. The #arts308 hashtag was used by 93 arts advocates and saw positive interaction with 12 Members of Parliament. On November 8th, #arts308 trended in Canada following tweets to 19 MPs, including Justin Trudeau, who replied:

We would like to thank all advocates who answered the call to participate in Arts 308, as well as all the arts service organizations who supported the campaign by encouraging their members to join in. We invite everyone who isn’t yet on our mailing list to subscribe now (in the upper right menu) so we can count on a growing number of participants and volunteers in our upcoming activities.

The Canadian Arts Coalition is a collaborative non-partisan movement spearheaded by a group of national arts service and membership organizations. We are united in the belief that the future of our citizens, their towns and, cities and the nation itself depends on a rich, vibrant and diverse arts and heritage community. Since its inception, the CAC has successfully advocated for support for the arts through the Canada Council for the Arts and the Department of Canadian Heritage.

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