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twitter1Calling all arts advocates! In preparation for the next federal budget, we want to talk to Members of Parliament in all 308 ridings and we need your help.

Besides meeting with your MP, you can participate in the Arts 308 campaign in several ways.

Send the Coalition’s messages to your MP on social media

Step 1: Find your MP
Step 2: Find their twitter handle
Step 3: Send them one of our sample tweets

Today, MPs have become more accessible via Twitter and other social media than through many traditional means of communication. This provides real opportunities to get the Coalition’s messages across in simple and efficient ways. Here are sample tweets that you can copy, customize and tweet to your MP using the @ mention feature. You can find your MPs Twitter handle on Politwitter. Please don’t forget to include the hashtag #arts308 so that Coalition volunteers and other arts enthusiast may find your tweet and retweet it.

Amplify the Arts 308 campaign activities via social media

– Once you’ve tweeted your MP, tell all your friends to do the same on Facebook or in other media.

– Visit the Coalition’s Facebook page to find out about the latest campaign news and meeting reports. And please share them.

– View the Coalition videos on Youtube and share them in your own social media.

– Use the hashtag #arts308 to follow the conversation on Twitter and to amplify it with your retweets.

– Search Twitter for #arts308 and your MP’s name or handle. If you find tweets about your MP or from your MP, interact with them: retweet, quote and add your own voice, thank the MP for having accepted a meeting or made a statement. If you’re not seeing any tweet about your MP, it may indicate that no one has met with him/her yet. Contact us to double check, seek out other arts supporters to join you, and then request a meeting in your riding.

If you’re unfamiliar with social media, but you think the Arts 308 campaign is a good enough reason to jump in, check our Social Media Primer.

If you prefer to send a letter or an email to your MP that’s also more than fine.

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