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#ArtsDay 2016 Messages

Wondering what sort of messages #ArtsDay participants will bring to Parliament on October 25th? A team of arts advocates and CAC members have worked hard over the last month to craft the following three messages, which we’re proud to share for #ArtsDay 2016.

Key Messages from the Canadian Arts Coalition for Parliamentarians

1. Thank you for the arts and culture investments in Budget 2016 ($1.87 billion over five years)

2. Short-term investments from Budget 2016, in the Cultural Spaces and in the Showcasing Canada programs, need to be extended and sustained beyond two years

Showcasing Canada’s Cultural Industries to the World

Current investment: $10 million in 2016-17; $25 million in 2017-18.

Recommendation: $25 million per year over three years, beginning in 2018-19.

Canada Cultural Spaces Fund

Current investment: Pre-existing funding of $30 million per year + $84 million per year in 2016-17 and 2017-18.

Recommendation: Increase investment to $490 million over eight years until the end of Phase Two of the ten-year Infrastructure Plan, up until 2025-2026.

3. The Digital Culture consultations are an essential process between government, industry, and artists – the Canadian Arts Coalition wants to ensure that artists are part of the conversation

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