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An #ArtsDay Story

Canadian Arts Coalition co-chair Kate Cornell shares a story from her experience at the most recent Arts Day on the Hill in 2014.


Arts Day on the Hill [1] 2014 was the day I fell in love with my job.  It gave me the opportunity to convince four MPs from three different parties of the need for more arts funding which was highly satisfying.  But I also got to geek out on social media because of the access I got to Parliament Hill.


My last meeting of the day was with Green Party Leader, Elizabeth May. All of my other meetings had been in MP offices, but for this meeting Julia Horel of LitDistCo [2] and I were asked to go to the media lobby outside of the House of Parliament.  There, a page was supposed to meet us and take us to Ms. May.  Julia and I were just waiting when I heard a familiar voice calling my name.  To my surprise, it was Elizabeth May herself. She welcomed Julia and I into the private Members’ Lounge attached to the House of Commons. She apologized that she had to do a telephone interview first and encouraged us to have some tea and talk to anyone we liked. Julia and I looked around like kids in a candy store. I immediately saw NDP Leader Thomas Mulcair in a scrum of his advisors. I politely pushed my way in to meet him and invite him to the Coalition’s reception. Then Ms. May returned for our meeting which we had in the Members’ Lounge. The Green Party chairs were in a walkway so several people had to walk through our conversation. Ms. May didn’t miss a step and introduced us to several influential MPs. It was awesome. The meeting ended with hugs and this joyous photo.


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