Brief to the Standing Committee on Finance

When the Government of Canada makes decisions regarding arts and cultural agencies, programs, policies and initiatives, its decisions directly affect the jobs of hundreds of thousands of Canadians and touch the lives of families in communities throughout the country. Stable, adequate federal funding ensures continuity at a time when the arts community, like other drivers of Canada’s economy, continues to face challenges rooted in global economic uncertainty. Increased investment in arts and culture over the long term will lead to greater productivity within the sector, broader access to arts and culture for Canadians, and extended reach into international markets for Canadian cultural products. The Government of Canada’s sustained commitment to increased market development and international trade, coupled with ongoing efforts to increase access to arts and culture for all Canadians, will ensure continued and increased employment and greater productivity within the arts sector for years to come.

Accordingly, we recommend that

  • -The Government of Canada of Canada sustain its investment in the arts through the Canada Council for the Arts at $181 million in Budget 2013; and
  • -As circumstances permit, the Government of Canada increase its investment in arts and culture through the Canada Council to $300 million;
  • -Maintain its investment in training of artists and arts and culture workers, through the Department of Canadian Heritage’s Canada Arts Training Fund;
  • -Invest in relevant research and analysis of the issues and opportunities facing the sector;
  • -Embed Canadian culture and cultural product in its Global Commerce Strategy, distinguishing Canada as a key trading partner in identified markets; and
  • -Invest, as circumstances permit, in the infrastructure (both human and financial) directed to supporting arts and culture within Canada’s network of embassies and consulates.

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