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Budget 2014 renews key investments in the arts

The Canadian Arts Coalition (CAC) – a united national movement of artists, cultural workers, business leaders and volunteers – applauds the Government of Canada for renewing key programs at the Department of Canadian Heritage in Budget 2014. These programs include the Canada Arts Presentation Fund, the Canada Cultural Investment Fund, and Cultural Spaces Canada. The Canada Book Fund and the Canada Music Fund have also been renewed.

“We are pleased to see that the Government has delivered on one of our key recommendations. Minister Glover should be commended for her work to make this recommendation a reality in a timely fashion.” commented CAC spokesperson Kate Cornell of the Canadian Dance Assembly.

Together, these programs give Canadians access to the arts in their communities. Whether it is through support for a music festival in Lanaudière Quebec, for a professional performance in a theatre in Vancouver, or financing upgrades to an art gallery in Winnipeg, each of these programs has an important role to play in helping connect Canadians to diverse, high calibre artistic experiences. These programs enhance the social and economic impact that arts organizations make to our country.

Budget 2014 also makes permanent $25 million to the Canada Council for the Arts that had previously been renewed from year to year. This is a promising step and welcomed by the Canadian Arts Coalition. The Canada Council is a well respected, efficiently run, national arm’s-length agency that fosters and promotes the creation and enjoyment of the arts for all Canadians.

The arts and culture sector offers considerable opportunity to advance Canada’s status as a leader in the creative, knowledge-based economy. One in every 30 people in Canada has a cultural occupation. That’s twice as many people as work in the forestry sector and more than twice as many as work in Canadian banks.

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