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Canadian Arts Coalition applauds Canada Prize decision

Wednesday, May 5th, 2010 – The Canadian Arts Coalition applauds the Government of Canada for its decision to appoint the Canada Council for the Arts as administrator of the new Canada Prizes for Arts and Creativity.

“The Canada Council for the Arts is an efficient, effective, and accountable agency, respected by the arts community and informed by a clear understanding of the state of the arts in Canada,” said Katherine Carleton, co-chair of the Canadian Arts Coalition Steering Committee. “We think that the Council is ideally positioned to administer the new Prizes.”

Furthermore, the Coalition supports the consultative process that the Prizes’ advisory panel of experts will use to generate recommendations on the Prizes’ parameters. “Given the size of the Government’s investment, it’s particularly important that the Prizes are well and thoughtfully designed. The Canada Council’s expertise in peer review, community consultation and program design provide us with confidence that the Canada Prizes will achieve their considerable potential,” says Carleton.

She continues: “Duly encouraged by this demonstration of confidence in the Canada Council for the Arts, the Coalition will continue to advocate for greater public investment in the arts through the Canada Council, and a renewed commitment by the Government of Canada to domestic and international market access for outstanding Canadian artists and arts organizations.”

The Canadian Arts Coalition is Canada’s largest ever group of artists, business leaders and volunteers assembled from across the country. We are united in the knowledge that greater public investment in the arts is essential to Canada’s future. We believe that the high quality of life, for which Canada is known, depends on a rich, vibrant and diverse arts and heritage community.

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