Canadian Arts Coalition Plan for 2013-2014

After a productive year, the Canadian Arts Coalition is developing a plan for 2013-2014 that will build on signature events such as Arts Day on the Hill while providing new opportunities for members to share information and get involved.

A Town Hall Meeting was held via teleconference on Tuesday, December 11th, to deliver a report on the activities of the last two year, and outline next year’s plan.

In 2011/12 and 2012/13 the Canadian Arts Coalition:

  • • Prepared and disseminated two briefs to the Standing Committee on Finance, as part of the pre-budget consultation process in 2011 and 2012;
  • • Organized Arts Day on Parliament Hill in 2011 and 2012. We have been told that Arts Day is having an impact.
  • • Issued a response to Budget 2012.
  • • Made a presentation to the Parliamentary arts caucus in October 2012, and a pre-budget presentation to the Standing Committee on Finance in November 2012.

A financial report for 2011-12 (April 1-March 31) and April 1-November 30 of 2012 was also presented. We described the Canadian Arts Coalition as “lean and mean” with far more “in kind” contributions than cash. Members may request the full financial report by emailing

Plan for 2013-2014

Given our priorities and resources, we believe that there are three areas in which the Coalition, as an organizing force, could potentially be active:

Convening, initially focusing on two distinct activities:

• Canada Council NASO Meeting: The Canada Council has expressed an interest in transferring the organization of this meeting to the arts community. A CAC subcommittee could be formed to guide this transition; AND

• Monthly Arts Advocacy Teleconferences: Intended for people active in arts advocacy and policy development working at the municipal, provincial, and national levels, and inspired by the pre-election teleconferences that the CAC hosted in spring 2011, these calls are intended to foster a network of policy thinkers and identify issues, in the spirit of open dialogue.

Policy analysis and research, initially focusing on:

• Alternative Federal Budget: This document is produced annually by the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives, and in November 2012, they approached the CAC to draft a chapter about culture. Traditionally this chapter has been prepared by the Canadian Conference of the Arts; given the current situation of the CCA, there would not have been a culture section had the CAC had not stepped up.

• Federal Budget Analysis: For many years, the Canadian Conference of the Arts has commissioned and published a detailed federal budget analysis (budget document and main estimates). The Coalition has started a discussion with the writer of that analysis about continuing the work in 2013, and there is strong shared enthusiasm for this. This is important work, and we’d like it to continue – but it does come at a price.

• Other policy analysis and research initiatives as ideas and funding to implement them come together.


• Hill Day: Tentatively scheduled for October 22, 2013, with logistical management of the project to be taken over by the Federation culturelle Canadienne-Francaise, after three years at Orchestras Canada.

• Other, targeted, follow-up pending availability of resources.

Related Work, which we propose to continue

• Pre-budget brief
• Pre-budget consultation participation
• Arts Day message development
• Budget response
• Comment on issues relevant to the CAC mandate

How Might We Get All This Done?

The People: Get Involved on One of Our New Committees

Clearly, an expanded activity roster will require participation from more people. We are seeking members for the following:

Four sub-committees:

• NASO Meeting Planning
• Monthly Policy Calls
• Policy/Research
• Arts Day

These will be made up of people who have a keen interest in the area, and some time and resources to help the CAC get things done.

A steering committee, to be made up of

• Those current steering committee members who want to stay on;
• Additional recruits from the sub-committees as needed; and/or
• Additional people with a keen interest in the work, and some time and resources, to help the CAC get things done.

Steering Committee leadership will be determined by the members. The Steering Committee will take responsibility for:

• Coalition management
• Financial oversight and budgeting
• “Resourcing strategies”
• Communications
• Pre-budget brief
• Pre-budget consultation participation
• Arts Day message development
• Budget response
• Comment on issues relevant to the CAC mandate

Deadline to express interest in a committee: January 15

The Money: Send Us Your Membership Pledges by March 1

To accomplish this body of work, we need to raise $20,000 in membership contributions in 2013-14, and we’re officially soliciting pledges between now and March 1. We need to hear from coalition supporters and potential supporters: if you are able to contribute, we would like to know who you are and how much you can commit by March 1. Once we’ve tallied the pledges, we can issue a formal plan. We’ll issue invoices in April.

Please send your pledges.

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