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Coalition Welcomes News of Liberal Pledge and Encourages All Parties to Share Their Vision

September 23, 2008 – The Canadian Arts Coalition welcomes the news of the Liberal party’s pledge to increase the Canada Council for the Arts’ annual operating budget to $360 million and to restore $45 million dollars in recent program cuts at the Department of Canadian Heritage and the Department of Foreign Affairs. The Liberal pledge came through a press release issued on September 20, 2008 from Montreal and is part of their electoral platform.

The Coalition encourages all parties and candidates to put forward their position on arts and culture. To date, we have seen the Green Party, the Bloc Québécois, and the Liberals share their vision for arts and culture. We look forward to hearing from the other parties as the campaign continues.

Further, the Coalition encourages all Canadians to connect with the candidates in their ridings, be it through public events, written letters, by phone or in person, to let all candidates know how important arts and culture is for voters everywhere.

The Canadian Arts Coalition is Canada’s largest ever group of artists, business leaders and volunteers assembled from across the country. We are united in the knowledge that greater public investment in the arts is essential to Canada’s future. We believe that the high quality of life, for which Canada is known, depends on a rich, vibrant and diverse arts and heritage community.

To learn more about the Coalition’s position and objectives with regards to arts and culture in Canada, please visit our website: www.canadianartscoalition.ca

Parties and candidates interested in submitting their views on arts and culture may contact the Coalition by emailing info [AT] canadianartscoalition.ca.

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