Evergreen Brick Works: a cultural hub or a community hub?

Cultural Hubs or Community Hubs? The Question is Raised at the Standing Committee on Canadian Heritage

Today, the Canadian Arts Coalition was appearing before the Standing Committee on Canadian Heritage as the part of the Study on Cultural Hubs and Cultural Districts in Canada.

The Co-Chairs of the Coalition, Kate Cornell and Frédéric julien, presented a testimony inspired by the 2016 infrastructure brief. The testimony highlighted the need for affordable housing for artists in cultural districts, the need for greater coordination between the federal government and the provinces on cultural infrastructure, and the need for specific funding for the maintenance of cultural spaces, both old and new. The testimony also paid particular considerations to infrastructure needs in underserved communities: rural and remote communities, Francophone minorities, and Indigenous communities.

The McConnell Foundation and Société des arts technologiques were also appearing as witnesses, alongside the Coalition.

Following the testimonies, members of the Committee raised relevant questions about the connections and differences between cultural hubs and community hubs, as well as on ways that the government can either support cultural hubs or remove any hurdle, in both urban and rural areas. These questions provided an opportunity to highlight the role of a program such as the Canada Arts Presentation Fund in supporting cultural hubs and facilities in both urban and rural areas.

In preparation for this testimony, we had heard many different views on cultural hubs and on community hubs. What are the virtues of each model? And can they coexist?

Please let us know how you feel so that we can continue to represent accurately the arts sector.

Read the Testimony on Cultural Hubs and Cultural Districts

Listen to the meeting (at 9:57:15)

Read the Supplementary brief on Cultural Hubs and Cultural Districts


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