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#ArtsVote Election Toolkit

Are you ready for the Election? We’ve got you covered.

The Coalition is lucky to have a broad network of artists, organizations, and supporters that continue to advocate for a resilient arts and culture sector in Canada. Your voice is vital during the 2015 election and that’s why we’ve put together a handy toolkit to assist you from now until October, and beyond!

Ready to vote on October 19? Check out Elections Canada [1] to verify, update or complete your voter registration online. The website also includes lots of ‘how-to’ information for voters.

Voting is the first step and there’s much more that we can do together. You can use the following documents to help spread the word via social media, to your networks, and to political candidates:

Download the Arts Vote avatar

Social Media Primer [2]

Use the hashtag #artsvote [3], alongside #canpoli [4] to join the discussion [5].

Download the #ArtsVote social media cover photos:
Twitter (bilingual)  [6]

Facebook (bilingual)  [7]

Talking with Candidates [8]

Candidates want to hear from constituents. Take your voice to the next level and talk to your current (or potential) MP.

Leaders Debates and other events [9]

An all leaders’ debate is an essential event for voters. Why not gather your friends and colleagues to watch a debate together?

Parties’ Positions on Arts and Culture [10]

Questions and answers, videos, links to platforms (as they are released). Everything you need to know before you meet with a candidate and before you show up at the polling station.

Initiatives for Service Organizations [11]

A guide for nonprofits and charities that represent networks of artists, arts workers, and various disciplines.

Arts Facts [12]

Want more information on how arts and culture contributes to Canadian society? Look no further! See the infographic [13] and the text version [14].

A Story We All Share: The Arts in Canada [15]

Your go-to document for how the arts affect our nation, our children, the economy, and our society as a whole.

Monthly Meetings [16]

To stay on top of sector-led initiatives during the campaign.

Other Campaigns of Note

Take the ACTRA #castyourfuture [17] Pledge to VOTE [18] and invite others to do the same.

The Canadian Association of Community Health Centres [19] has a Federal Election Action Toolkit [20] which includes many relevant tips, such as how to host an all-candidate meeting.

If you want to get in touch with the coalition at any time to ask questions or share feedback, please email us at artscoalitionca@gmail.com. [21]

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