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Arts Vote Toolkit

Are you looking for the 2015 #ArtsVote Election Toolkit [1]? You can find it here [1].

Talk to your Candidates about the Arts

The Arts: a story we all share [2] – A document to share with candidates

Talking with Candidates [3] – Key questions and tips to use when candidates knock on your door

Key Statistics on Arts and Culture [4] – The arts have a big impact on our economy and our society. Here are some relevant statistics to illustrate that impact.

Make your Voice Heard on Social Media

#artsvotecan twitter hashtag [5] – If you are tweeting about federal election arts issues, we ask that you consider using the hashtag #artsvotecan – and tell everyone you know to do the same!

Social Media Primer [6] – Wondering how to get involved in the social media universe? Here are some tips. You can also find a useful list of Twitter accounts and hashtags in this CAA Election Monitor [7].

Canadian Arts Coalition Facebook page [8] – Join in on the discussion.

Just Vote

Political Party Platforms from the Arts and Culture Perspective [9] – Compare what each party has to say with regards to arts and culture.

Elections Canada [10] – Information on where to vote, what you need to bring and who your local candidates are.

Tips for Service Organizations

Initiatives for Service Organizations [11] – If you are planning events or messaging for the election we can help you connect and share resources with others.

Dos and Don’ts for charities during an election campaign [12] – Developed by Imagine Canada [13].

Support the Arts Vote Campaign

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