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Have Your Say Part 2: Canada Council’s Arts in a Digital World

The Canada Council for the Arts wants to hear from you! Specifically, the CCA wants to hear how artists and arts organizations are using and adapting digital tools and technologies in their work.


Take the “Arts in a Digital World” Survey


You might be thinking, “wait, I just filled out a digital survey, isn’t this the same thing?” No. There are currently two different surveys regarding digital content and technologies being collected.


The “Arts in a Digital World” survey is different from the “Canadian Content in a Digital World” pre-consultation questionnaire. The Department of Canadian Heritage offered that questionnaire, which is aimed at examining the federal government’s policies on Canadian content in the digital context.


Things to Keep in Mind

  • You can read more about the survey and its goals on the Canada Council blog
  • Set aside 25-30 minutes of your day to participate in the survey
  • Know that your input will help shape how the Canada Council supports Canadian art in the future – this is an important opportunity to clearly tell the CCA what you need
  • The survey closes June 24th
  • We want to hear from you! Share your thoughts on the process by messaging us at or by reaching out on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram


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