Have your say as the Government of Canada develops Phase 2 of the $120 billion infrastructure plan.

The Coalition Provides Exhaustive Input on Infrastructure Funding

Following consultation with the membership and stakeholders, the Canadian Arts Coalition produced a detailed written submission as part of the Government of Canada’s consultation on Phase 2 of the Infrastructure plan.

The submission posits sustainable development as a guiding principle, and moves forward five recommendations:

  1. Extend funding to the Canada Cultural Spaces Fund with an additional investment of $490 million over eight years.
  2. Invest in rural and underserved communities.
  3. Maintain tourism, culture and recreation as eligible categories in future provincial-territorial agreements during Phase 2 of the Infrastructure Plan.
  4. Design guidelines for future provincial-agreements so as to allow culture projects of diverse scope to emerge amid competing priorities and to receive adequate funding.
  5. Construct more affordable housing, including mixed live/work infrastructure for Canadian artists.

[Cultural spaces] have a symbolic value, enhancing people’s sense of pride in their community. They are community hubs that enable people of various languages and cultural traditions to meet, share meaningful experiences, and bond as a community.
— Excerpt from the Coalition’s submisstion

If you haven’t yet participated in the infrastructure consultation, you may do so until Friday September 16. Participating is quick and simple:

  1. Fill in the eWorkbook on social infrastructureand provide your opinion on cultural infrastructure.
  2. Watch video submissions on performing arts and rate them;
  3. Read discussion forums on public art and culture infrastructure and weigh in.

Read the Coalition’s submission

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