Arts Day on the Hill 2016

Join Us for Arts Day 2017

We’re coordinating this year’s Arts Day on the Hill for Thursday, November 2.

Arts Day 2017 has 3 goals:

  • Keep the arts visible to government officials
  • Support our Pre-Budget brief
  • Engage with all parties to encourage the development of arts platforms by all parties for the 2019 election

Because of financial and capacity constraints this will be a smaller scale Arts Day. The CAC will seek meetings with 15-20 key individuals to address specific messages. The day will end with a small reception for delegates and MPs. An Arts Day Coordinating Committee will cast teams (totaling approximately 45 individuals) for each meeting based on the issues, and comprised of leaders on specific issues who can be most helpful in getting the meeting. The CAC has engaged Global Public Affairs to help secure these limited meetings.

The Coalition will not be coordinating meetings other than the 15-20 targets, but we are heartily encouraging member organizations to seek meetings with their own MPs on Arts Day. In this way, you can lead with your own concerns (ideally centred on a specific Coalition recommendation) and leave behind a CAC messaging piece. As requested, the CAC will connect independent delegates with others hoping to meet with the same MP.  We are also keeping track of who is meeting with whom to ensure that everything runs smoothly.

If you have secured a meeting with your MP during Arts Day
please fill out this form to let us know

We will provide an orientation webinar on the week of October 23rd to prepare delegates for their meetings and share the finalized messaging. At that time, delegates on the 15-20 teams will be asked to connect and plan their sessions. We are also encouraging the independent delegates to connect with colleagues wanting to meet with the same MP.

Even if you can’t make it to Ottawa to meet with your MP, we encourage you to seek a meeting in your riding on the week of November 13-17 to continue to keep the arts ‘top-of-mind’ for the federal representatives.

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