Artists and cultural workers discuss big ideas for #DigiCanCon

Exhaustive Canadian Content Consultation Wrap Ups

The public consultation on Canadian content in a digital world, launched in September, came to a conclusion today. Many Coalition members have participated in live events, others have listened to consultations via Facebook, and some have sent in their own written submissions. The Coalition’s leadership has been very active to ensure that the voice of artists […]

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Economic Statement Gives Hope for Infrastructure Investment

Earlier this month, Minister of Finance Bill Morneau, presented a very elaborate economic statement. This economic statement is in effect a mini-budget with infrastructure investments over 11 years (thereby extending the Infrastructure plan over 12 years). It locks in $21.9 billion for social infrastructure (which includes culture infrastructure) over 11 years . This puts social infrastructure […]

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Printed version of the federal budget

Analysis of the Federal Budget: a New Approach

The Canadian Conference of the Arts, the Canadian Arts Coalition and the Saskatchewan Arts Alliance are pleased to release the analysis of the 2016 Federal Budget which examines federal funding for the arts and culture sector for the 2016 – 2017 fiscal year. The analysis concludes, in broad terms, that the government’s approach to the […]

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