Preparing for the Federal Election

On May 22, the Coalition’s Election Committee met with the broader Coalition membership to present and discuss a set of election strategies. These include:

A street team from Apathy is Boring.

A street team from Apathy is Boring.

  1. Ongoing arts promotion, in conjunction with existing campaigns such as Arts is Serious Business;
  2. Preparing report cards for each party, with responses to a series of questions and videos stating each party’s position with regards to arts and culture (in the meantime you may watch these video interviews produced by IMAA during Arts Day 2014);
  3. A “Speak to your candidate” campaign; and
  4. Collaboration with Apathy is Boring to increase youth voter turn out and engagement in the democratic process.

As in 2011, we will build a toolkit where Coalition members and supporters will be able to access the latest tools and informations about our campaign. We will also be branding the campaign with a name and hashtag to increase engagement. At the May 22 meeting, participants came up with two sets of hashtags and we now need to you to tell us us which one you prefer.

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