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Proposed Children’s Arts Tax Credit A Forward-Looking Initiative

October 2, 2008 – The Conservative Party’s proposed tax credit for arts lessons for children under the age of 16 is one forward-looking policy tool to encourage Canadians’ appreciation of arts and culture. The Canadian Arts Coalition welcomes the values articulated alongside the Conservatives’ announcement of the proposed tax credit, as follows:

“The arts are essential to our country and our communities. The arts should not be a luxury available only to a privileged few – arts should be accessible to everyone. By encouraging children’s interest in the arts, we support education, develop markets for professional artists and strengthen our national identity.” (http://www.conservative.ca/EN/1091/106518)

“We appreciate this endorsement of the arts and culture sector,” says the Coalition’s Steering Committee, “and by extension, this signal that the Conservative Party recognizes the critical role government plays in developing a vibrant arts and culture sector. Tax measures are one tool available to government and, we hope, are only one element of what will be a forthcoming comprehensive Conservative arts and culture platform for the consideration of Canadian voters.”

To date, the Conservative Party is the only federal party that has not yet issued an official arts and culture platform.

The Canadian Arts Coalition is Canada’s largest consortium of arts, culture and heritage supporters advocating for increased federal investment in arts and culture. We believe that a thriving arts and culture sector, supported by adequate investment by the federal government, will place Canada at the forefront of a global society that values innovation, excellence, social cohesion and economic prosperity.

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