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Recommendations for the 2013 Federal Pre-budget Consultations

As usual, the Canadian Arts Coalition will submit a brief to the Standing Committee on Finance, and will also request an opportunity to address the Standing Committee during its national tour.

For those of you who missed the July Arts Policy call, our proposed recommendations are:

Recommendation One: Stimulate job creation and local economic development by increasing the annual Parliamentary allocation to the Canada Council for the Arts by a minimum of 10% in 2014-15.

Recommendation Two: We recommend that the government renew investments in the Canada Funds first announced in 2009, including the Arts Training Fund, the Arts Presentation Fund, the Cultural Spaces Fund and the Cultural Investment Fund. We further recommend that the impact of these programs be sustained by indexing the investment to the annual cost of living.

Recommendation Three: Align Canada’s cultural diplomacy strategy with Canada’s Global Commerce Strategy, and capitalize on opportunities to promote Canadian values as well as business and cultural interests in key markets by investing $5 million per year over 5 years in support of artistic and cultural market development initiatives in Canada and abroad.

Read our full brief [1]

We encourage you to support and echo the Coalition’s recommendations in your own submissions, providing illustrations of their impact from your own artistic and geographic community.

The deadline to make submissions is Monday August 5th. For more information on how to make a submission visit the Finance Committee website [2].

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