Children and the Arts

The ability and capacity of our young people to imagine and create their futures will determine our future as a nation, including how richly we experience that future. We must value creativity and foster it in every conceivable way. – Dr. Peter Hackett, President and CEO, Alberta Ingenuity

Facts at a glance

Arts have been shown to empower youth, especially at-risk youth (1) to succeed in school, in work and in later life. (2)

85% of Canadians believe that arts education assists in the emotional and intellectual development of children and consider it is a good reason to support the arts. (3)

88% of Canadians believe youth engagement with the arts helps reduce youth crime and alienation. (3)

Imagine Enhancing our Children’s Learning

Our children thrive on the arts. Arts and culture are central to enhancing the creative spirit in children and aid in developing learning skills. They also help children mature into responsible, well-rounded citizens.

The importance of engaging young people in artistic activity is critical to their evolution as creative thinkers. It is they who will soon be leading Canada’s growth in terms of cultural, social and economic development.

[Music education requires] discipline, teamwork, and better brain function. For a lot of different reasons I think music makes me a better astronaut. – Cmdr. Chris Hadfield

Imagine the enhanced educational opportunities that stable, long-term funding with an annual increase to the Canada Council for the Arts will provide.

Imagine more free performances and school tours, more affordable tickets and more contact with the artists and cultural activities in our communities.

With $110,000 in assistance from the Canada Council, the Art Gallery of Greater Victoria is able to reach more than 14,000 students a year. Almost one million children explore our public art galleries every year.

Student matinees at the National Ballet of Canada and the Saturday Morning Club at the National Gallery of Canada are but a few of the ways in which artists and arts organizations are reaching out to young Canadians.

Imagine more.

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