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The Canadian Arts Coalition participates in the 2017 Alternative Federal Budget

Once again, the Canadian Arts Coalition is honoured to participate in the Alternative Federal Budget. The 2017 Alternative Federal Budget, entitled High Stakes, Clear Choices, is spearheaded by the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives [1] (CCPA). We have participated as the contributor of the chapter on Arts & Culture.

Each year, the CCPA creates the Alternative Federal Budget (AFB) as a “what-if” exercise. This exercise creates a Federal Budget that reflects a commitment to supporting key economic, social and environmental issues.

Here’s what CAC co-chair, Kate Cornell, has to say about the AFB:

The Alternative Federal Budget 2017 (AFB) is a provocative document about the Canadian economy. In the AFB, the Centre for Policy Alternative provokes the Canadian government to consider their moral and social responsibilities when crafting a federal budget.  “The measures in this year’s AFB would lift a million Canadians out of poverty, double economic growth to 5.4%, and, at its peak, result in 460,000 new jobs, bringing Canada’s unemployment rate down to 6.4%.” Notably, the Canadian Arts Coalition contributes the chapter on Arts and Culture.  This year’s chapter recognizes the significant commitment of Budget 2016 to Arts and Culture, but calls on the federal government to address historic inequities profoundly experienced by Indigenous, disabled, and racialized artists. The Canadian Arts Coalition would like to thank the Centre for Policy Alternatives for the opportunity to contribute to the AFB.

In preparation for the release of the official Federal Budget on March 22, 2017 we encourage you to take a look at the policies and recommendations in the AFB – particularly the chapter on Arts & Culture [2] (pages 37 to 41).

Thank you to Lesley Bramhill and Blanche Israel who participated in this year’s AFB on behalf of the Canadian Arts Coalition.

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