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The Coalition Reinforces its Messages with the Finance Committee

Our Steering Committee member, Frédéric Julien, appeared before the Standing Committee on Finance on October 29.

The House of Commons Standing Committte on Finance was holding hearings as part of the pre-budget consultation process [1]. The topic for these hearings was “maximizing the number and types of jobs for Canadians.” This topic provided a great opportunity to highlight recent statistics on employment in the cultural sector. Our testimonial also reiterated the Canadian Arts Coalitions three recommendations [2] for the federal budget 2015. Members of the Committee were impressed by the number of cultural workers and of artists in Canada. They also raised questions about the parliamentary appropriation of the Canada Council for the Arts and about cultural promotion in Canada’s embassies.

Speaking notes for the 2014 Finance Comnittee hearings [3]

Next Steps Toward Budget 2015

The Standing Committee on Finance will table its pre-budget report by mid-December. This report will be considered by the Minister of Finance in the development of the 2015 federal budget. But this report isn’t the only way to influence the 2015 budget. Suggestions made by Canadians are equally important. Strength is in numbers.

Now’s the time for members of the arts community to contact and to meet their MPs in their riding. The more MPs are informed about the importance of investing in the arts, the more likely we are to see the Coalition’s recommendations echoed in budget 2015 and in the parties’ platform for the federal election.

The Coalition has several resources to help you hold a successful meeting with your MP. If you need any assistance in securing or in preparing for a meeting, please do not hesitate to contact us [4].

Ressources for local meetings with MPs

Meeting Request Template [5]

Short training videos and webinars [6]

Presentation on Government Relations [7], by Ensight

Meeting script and handouts from Arts Day [8]

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