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Update and Next Steps for the Canadian Arts Coalition

It’s renewal time for the Canadian Arts Coalition – time to report on the activities of the last year, propose a plan for 2012/13, recruit new members for the Coalition steering committee, and assess the support of our members.

What Was Accomplished in 2011-12

Since April 1, 2011, the Coalition has:
• Prepared and disseminated a brief to the Standing Committee on Finance [1], as part of the pre-budget consultation process;
• Organized a highly successful Arts Day on Parliament Hill in October. Read the report [2]. And in case you missed it, here’s what Canadian Heritage Minister James Moore had to say [3] about the impact that Arts Day had on the Government’s thinking.
Issued a response to Budget 2012 [4]. You can link to some of the media response, here:
o Can James Moore be both arts champion and axe man? [5]
o CBC sees government funding slashed by $115-million [6]
o The Tories’ targets [7]

In short, it’s been a busy year – and we could not have done it without your support.

The Plan for 2012-13

For 2012-13, we’re proposing more of the same – but better.

• The pre-budget brief
o We will hold teleconference consultation sessions with Coalition members in late June/early July, once the pre-budget consultation questions have been released, to discuss priorities and approaches;
o We’ll release the Coalition’s recommendations by mid-July, so Coalition members can consider including them in their own briefs;
o We’ll offer Coalition members the opportunity to “sign on” as formal supporters of the Coalition’s brief;
o Once again, we’ll request an opportunity to address the Standing Committee on Finance during their pre-budget tour.

• Arts Day on Parliament Hill
o The date for Arts Day is now set for all day Tuesday, October 23, with the briefing session tentatively scheduled for the early evening of October 22.
o We urge you to look at ways that you can get your “A Team” of articulate, enthusiastic, and connected artists, arts supporters, and arts managers to Ottawa to take part in a Coalition briefing session and meetings with MPs and key bureaucrats.
o We know that Arts Day is having an impact – be a part of it!

• Budget Response 2013
o Once again, we’ll be working on getting a Coalition representative into the budget lock-up, and we’ll be issuing a response that evening.

We Need Your Help!

The Coalition steering committee, consisting of co-chairs Katherine Carleton (Orchestras Canada) and Eric Dubeau (Federation culturelle canadienne francaise), and hard-working members Bastien Gilbert (Artist-Run Centres and Collectives Conference), Melissa Gruber (CARFAC National), Sarah Iley (Canadian Arts Summit) and Shannon Litzenberger (independent dance artist and Metcalf Arts Policy Fellow), has been in place since March 2010. We’re committed to continuing the Coalition’s work, AND we want to expand the number of people on the steering committee, to spread the work, broaden representation, and ensure good succession planning. We’d also like to get some sub-committees empowered, to take the work in some new directions.

Are you interested in serving? Do you know someone who would be interested in serving? Let us know [8].

Re-Upping for 2012-13

Last year, the Coalition received financial and in-kind support from 48 organizations, collectives and individuals. Coalition supporters offered their time, talent, connections and money to ensure that we were able to take on the work that we did.

We can’t accomplish this year’s program without you – and for us to plan, we need to know if you’ll be able to renew and even increase your support. You can let us know your plans by completing this form on-line – and we’ll be happy to send you an invoice for the level of support that you stipulate.

Once again, we’re grateful to Magazines Canada for its continued provision of banking services to the Coalition.

The suggested minimum contribution is $100; that said, many organizations were able to dig a bit deeper, contributing sums between $250 and $6000 to the Coalition cause. Please consider doing what you can now; we’re also happy to accept supplementary contributions as the year goes on.

Many thanks for your support of the Canadian Arts Coalition. We look forward to working with, and for, you this year.

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