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We’re Collaborating with Apathy is Boring!

Collaboration with Apathy is Boring

In one of our last posts, Preparing for the Federal Election [1], we mentioned an exciting collaboration. Well now, the Coalition is proud to officially present a new partnership with Apathy is Boring [2]! We’ll be busy creating and sharing tools and resources to increase civic involvement across Canada. Moreover, we will work together across various platforms to reach and encourage new voters to participate in democracy.

How can you get involved this summer? Participate in an election street team! The arts community can easily get involved by hosting Apathy is Boring street teams at festivals and major cultural events to help provide visitors with important voting information. If you are willing to host or volunteer with a street team, please don’t hesitate to contact us [3].

About Apathy is Boring [2]

Apathy is Boring is an organization whose aim is to educate today’s youth about democracy through art and technology. Knowing well that during the 2011 federal elections a mere 38.8% of Canadians aged 18-24 voted, Apathy is Boring aims to increase the rate of electoral participation, increase civic engagement within the youth and encourage dialogue between young people and politicians.


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