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Evergreen Brick Works: a cultural hub or a community hub?

Cultural Hubs or Community Hubs? The Question is Raised at the Standing Committee on Canadian Heritage

Today, the Canadian Arts Coalition was appearing before the Standing Committee on Canadian Heritage as the part of the Study on Cultural Hubs and Cultural Districts in Canada. The Co-Chairs of the Coalition, Kate Cornell and Frédéric julien, presented a testimony inspired by the 2016 infrastructure brief. The testimony highlighted the need for affordable housing […]

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Two men on top of a small wooden shack. One of them speaks in a megaphone.

From Cultural Diplomacy, to Trade, and Back: A Look at Reciprocity and Legislative Frameworks

Trade and cultural diplomacy have been recurrent issues for the government lately. As the Coalition highlighted last month, there have been a suite of good news on both fronts with the conclusion of the Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership (CPTPP) and the inauguration of the Canada-China Joint Committee on Culture. The latest initiative […]

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