Monique Pauzé, Gisèle Côté, Pablo Rodriguez and Frédéric Julien

Arts Day Efforts Continue

Much happened since the resounding success of Arts Day on Parliament Hill, beside the welcomed changes to the Endowment Incentives program.

In October, we met with two members of the Standing Committee on Finance and we ensured sector representation at pre-budget hearings. This paid off. The Standing Committee on Finance tabled its pre-budget report, entitled “Cultivating Competitiveness: Helping Canadians Succeed” on December 10th. As requested by the Canadian Arts Coalition and its allies, the report recommends that Budget 2019 “Increase funding for the Canada Arts Presentation Fund for performing arts presenters and festivals over a three-year period in order to foster a strong domestic market that will serve as a launch pad for Canadian performing arts productions on international markets.”

We also orchestrated a letter campaign that resulted in several Members of Parliament (see the list below) expressing their support for an increase to the Canada Arts Presentation Fund to the Minister of Canadian Heritage. In addition, Randy Glynn, from Live Arts Dance, secured a rare meeting with the Minister of Finance. Finally, Gisèle Côté, from Aramusique, managed to meet met with the Minister of Canadian Heritage and the Bloc Québécois critic to discuss the role of the presenter, the diversity of presenting practices and where arts presentation fits in the big picture.

The federal budget will be tabled in March. Until then, we will continue our efforts to increase of the Canada Arts Presentation Fund.

Members of Parliament who expressed support for an increase to the Canada Arts Presentation Fund

Andy Filmore
Rachel Blaney
Julie Dzerowicz
Colin Fraser
Bernadette Jordan
Greg Fergus
Raj Saini
Catherine McKenna
Monique Pauzé
Guy Caron
Hélène Laverdière

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