Brief to the Standing Committee on Finance

The Canadian Arts Coalition remains convinced that increased investment by the Government of Canada in the arts and culture sector is vital: the sector’s capacity to leverage increased government investment for the benefit of all Canadians is significant, and the needs are real. That said, we are well aware that the global economic crisis and its aftermath have changed the context within which the Government of Canada functions, and that the current Strategic and Operating Review exercise is a serious one. Historically, the CAC has asked for significant funding increases during pre-budget consultations, however in recognition of the current economic climate we present the following modified recommendations to the Committee for Budget 2012:

1. That the Government of Canada maintain funding levels to the arts through the Canada Council for the Arts at the 2011-12 level: $181 million in fiscal year 2012-13.

2. That the Government of Canada seek means to further integrate arts and culture in its foreign policy initiatives, and in particular in its Global Commerce Strategy, by making an initial investment of $10 million in certain targeted initiatives in 2012-13.

3. That the Government of Canada continue to foster access to the arts by Canadians, while ensuring sustainability, innovation and the availability of high quality professional arts training, by maintaining funding levels to key arts, culture and heritage programs delivered by the Department of Canadian Heritage.

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