Call for Volunteers: Participate in Canadian Arts Research and Policy Development

The Research and Policy Committee (RPC) of the Canadian Arts Coalition (CAC) is recruiting new members. If you’re interested in helping to chart the course of Canadian cultural policy and research, this is the gig for you.
The RPC is organized into 4 working groups (WG). By working in issue-specific ways, we intend to maximize the efficient use of volunteer time. Each working group will have two leads.
We’re also looking for a Vice-Chair to support the Committee’s work, as well as new Co-Leads for the Arts Policy WG and the Equity + Diversity WG. These are great opportunities for individuals interested in developing their leadership and advocacy skills.
Please write to indicating how you would like to contribute, and why this is interesting to you.
We look forward to hearing from you!
Christine Pellerin and Hamal Docter
CAC RPC Co-Chairs
N.B. Over the past year, some successes for the CAC RPC include:

  • The CAC’s Federal Election campaign: creation of platform, questionnaire, connections with various federal parties, etc.; lots of great debates, mobillising the arts sector, coordinating weekly national strategy calls during the campaign, etc.
  • Developed an Equity Statement and Policy now being considered by the Governance Committee and Steering Committee. 
  • Prepared the 2019 & 2020 Arts and Culture chapter for the Alternative Federal Budget, as well as the CAC’s 2020 Pre-budget submission.
  • Reviewed the Creative Canada policy paper and started writing a series of discussion papers on arts-specific topics to be rolled out in 2020.
  • Participated in efforts to ensure the continuation of the Cultural Exemption Clause within NAFTA.
  • Supported the Senate Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs and International Trade’s report regarding cultural diplomacy.
  • Advocated for greater international artist mobility 

Thanks to the nearly 40 volunteers who engaged with the RPC in 2019!

Working Group Descriptions

Financing research WG
(Leads: Christine Pellerin; Hamal Docter)

Supports the production of the pre-budget consultation submission, federal budget analysis; produces the Alternative Federal Budget arts and culture chapter; informs “arts facts and stats” for Arts Day and the Coalition website, etc.

Equity, Diversity & Artistic/Cultural evolution WG
(Leads: Hamal Docter; Co-Lead TBD)

Explores and advances matters (practical/achievable & philosophical) related to equity and diversity across the sector, including, but not limited to: The ongoing evolution of the Canadian cultural landscape; Indigeneity; Official & non-official languages; Authenticity, Representation; etc.

International Trade & Cultural Diplomacy WG
(Leads: Frédéric Julien; Christine Pellerin)

Explores issues related to international trade, cultural diplomacy, international market development and creative export mechanisms, etc.

Arts Policy WG
(Leads: Hamal Docter; Co-Lead TBD)

Monitors, explores and develops arts and cultural policy from a broad perspective; Encourages thoughtful, collaborative reflection and approaches that encourage new solutions for a 21st century Canadian arts and culture landscape.

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