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Department of Canadian Heritage Lifts Lifetime Cap on Canada Cultural Investment Fund- Endowment Incentive

Thanks to the efforts of all of you who took part on Arts Day 2018, the Department of Canadian Heritage (DCH) has decided to lift the  lifetime cap on the Canada Cultural investment Fund – Endowment Incentive. While the lifetime cap has been lifted, the annual cap of 1 million dollars will remain, but only for organizations that have already received 10 million dollars from the program.

The DCH has also streamlined the approval process, the key changes being:

The Summary of Key Changes [1] can be viewed by clicking the link.

The deadline to apply to the program is December 1st, 2018. The application guidelines and form can be found on the Department’s website [2].

We would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge the Minister of Canadian Heritage, Pablo Rodriguez, and the Department of Canadian Heritage who continue to work with the Coalition on promoting Canadian Art.  We also want to thank all MPs and senators who took the time to meet with us earlier this month, hear our concerns and support us in shaping the Art ecology in Canada.

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