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The Canadian Arts Coalition Makes Recommendations for the 2019 Federal Budget

The  Canadian  Arts Coalition is proud to share its  two Budget 2019 recommendations. These pre-budget recommendations  take into account the economic competitiveness of several stakeholders,  both organizations and individuals. These recommendations were identified as  priorities by 30 member associations – representing thousands of artists and hundreds  of arts organizations – during consultations held in June 2018.

The Canadian Arts Coalition is grateful for the government’s existing investments in social infrastructure and in the Canada Council for the Arts. These two ongoing investments have been essential for the arts sector to blossom in the last year. In addition, digital platforms continue to be pivotal for artists to share their work internationally, as content creators.  

For Canadian artists and arts organizations, economic competitiveness means having opportunities to share their creative output in other provinces and beyond our borders. Right now, the domestic market is the bottleneck of Canada’s creative production chain. With adequate support, this domestic market can become a catalyst rather than an impediment to the Creative Export Strategy and the Creative Export Canada program announced in June 2018.  


Full Brief Here [1]

The deadline to make submissions is Friday, August 3rd. For more information on how to make a submission you can visit the Finance Committee website [2].

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